International Debt Collection

When you do business it is inevitable that you will have to deal with defaulters. Often it is enough to draw attention to the outstanding claim by a subtle reminder by phone or letter. In some cases a reminder is not enough and you will be forced to engage a specialized collection agency.

Finding a reliable and appropriate collection agency can be a chore. After all, how do you know who you can trust and who will push just a little harder. Black Dog Intelligence & Incasso gives your business that extra attention that is needed to arrive at a successful settlement.

There are claims that are the result of doing business with the wrong partners. Partners who deliberately targeted your business and strive for non-payment of goods or services provided by you. In these cases, you can count on Black Dog Intelligence & Incasso. No case is too crazy and no task too difficult. Our teams are experienced in dealing with highly complex and international assignments. Black Dog Intelligence & Incasso operates worldwide, but especially in countries such as, a.o., Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, the United States and Great Britain. We take every case seriously and provide noncommittal feasibility analyzes *. Get in touch today.

* free in case of assignment